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Gallic acid

Product name: Gallic acid
CAS NO.: 5995-86-8
Product introduction: Gallic acid, also known as Gallnut acid or tannic acid, is an organic acid found in Gallnut, lacquer, tea and other plants.?Chemical formula C6H2(OH)3COOH.Gallic acid is readily soluble in water, alcohols, and ethers; it has the properties of phenol (which tends to be oxidized and produces a blue-black precipitate from an aqueous solution of ferric chloride) and carboxylic acid (which loses carbon dioxide-charging gallic acid when heated).?Gallic acid can be used as a developer, its basic guanidinium salt is used as a preservative, and also used in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Brand: Lechuang
Origin: China
Quality Standard: The product complies with the European Standard (Grade 1), Japan's National JIS Standard (Grade 1), United States Pharmacopoeia 27, Premium Products.
Properties: This product is a white or white crystalline powder, soluble in 85 parts of water, 6 parts of ethanol, 2 parts of boiling water, slightly soluble in ether.

This product is widely used in pharmaceuticals, dyes, chemicals and organic synthesis industries, can also be applied to the analysis of rare metals.

(1) It is used as astringent and internal hemostatic agent for urinary system in medicine.?
(2) Write ink in permanent blue ink.?
(3) Operational aids in casting and lithography.?
(4) As a photographic developer.?
(5) The silver halide solution that can be used for photography provides long-term storage stability and eliminates unclear problems on the film.?
(6) This product is an adhesive agent for cyanoacrylate adhesives.?
(7) Preparations for tanning and hair dyeing.?
(8) Colloidal stabilizers in the production of wall panels.?
(9) As a mordant in the production of colored paper and colored fiberboard.?
(10) Adding 0.01-0.04% (by weight) of doubling acid to a gypsum-based building grid formulation can increase its strength.?
(11) As an analytical reagent for alkaloids, metals and inorganic acids.?
(12) This product is an important organic raw material, such as:?
1 Production of TMP, which is a sulfonamide synergist.?
2 Production of propyl antiprotonate - a food antioxidant that has a synergistic effect on both BHT and BHA.?
3 Production of pigments such as humus, thioflavin, and mordantic acid blue.?
4 Making coke acid.?
The production of 5-phosphonates, such as alkaline citrate, a powder for the treatment of skin diseases.

Product category: Gallnut series


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