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Tannin Acid

Product name: Tannin Acid
CAS NO.: 1401-55-4
Product introduction: Tannin is a type of tannin found in Gallnut.?Yellow or light brown light amorphous powder or scales; odorless, slight special odor, very astringent taste.Soluble in water and ethanol, soluble in glycerol, almost insoluble in ether, chloroform or benzene.?The aqueous solution meets the iron salt solution to turn blue-black, and sodium sulfite can delay discoloration.?In industry, tannic acid is widely used in tanning and manufacturing blue ink.?Citric acid can coagulate proteins.?Raw pigskin and raw hides are chemically treated with tannic acid to coagulate soluble proteins in hides.?As a result, the raw hides, which had been smelling and rotted for a few days, turned into beautiful, clean, flexible and durable leather.?This tanning process is called leather tanning.
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Brand: Lechuang
Origin: China
Quality Standard: Complies with national standards LY/T1300-2005, LY/T1640-2005, LY/T1641-2005 and FCC, USP, EP, BP
Properties: Pale yellow to light brown amorphous powder or loose glossy scaly or spongy solid that becomes dark when exposed to air.?Odorless, slightly special odor, with a strong astringency, exposed to light an

1. Industry: Widely used in the wetting of acid iron inks, metal rust prevention, and oil drilling mud treatment. 
2. Fabric printing and dyeing: It can be used in leather tanning agent, mordant, coagulant, protein agent, alkaloid precipitation agent. 
3. Medicine: tannic acid has antibacterial, de-enzyme, astringent effect, used for antibiotics, treatment of phlegm, detoxification, Zhiji and other medicinal preparations, but also preparation of medicine times acid, coke acid, sulfonamide synergist (TMP) The raw material for the drug. 
4. Fine Chemicals: Raw materials for the production of gallic acid products such as ellagic acid, gallic acid, gallic acid esters, and pyrogallic acid. 
5. Food: used in food antioxidants, low-alcohol clarifiers, bromelain food processing and so on. In addition, it needs to be specifically mentioned that, when used in beer brewing, tannic acid can selectively adsorb the protein in the wort, reduce the aldehydes of the beer, and improve the non-biological stability and flavor stability of the beer. 
6. There is also a wide range of applications in the cosmetics industry.

Product category: Gallnut series


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