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Hydroxylamine 50% aqueous solution; Hydroxylamine

Product name: Hydroxylamine 50% aqueous solution; Hydroxylamine
CAS NO.: 7803-49-8
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Brand: Import
Origin: Import
Properties: Colorless liquid.?Melting point 7°C, density 1.12, refractive index 1.3930

Used as a reducing agent in organic synthesis; condensed with carbonyl compounds to form hydrazines (many hydrazines are used for indicators such as dimethyloxime for nickel ions, formaldehyde hydrazine for manganese ions).?It can also be used as an antioxidant and is widely used in industries such as medicine, chemical industry, agriculture, metal surface treatment, and recycled fiber.


Grade: technical Grade, electronic Grade

Boiling point: 107~114°C

Product category: Hydroxylamine Series